About IFL Learning Manifesto

Why IFL Learning Manifesto?

There are three reasons for writing the book IFL Learning Manifesto. One is that we want to bring to life many of the voyages of discovery which IFL brings about through programs, workshops, seminars etc. The people at IFL Executive Education and in our networks, possess a great deal of internalized knowledge on these processes. The book is a way of making this know-how explicit. It provides an arena in which to visualize and bring form to this implicit knowledge. IFL is in the business of development and our core competence is building knowledge creation processes. Therefore, another reason for writing is that we want to provide a source of inspiration and a contribution to dialogue on how we create really effective ways of developing the leadership in order to create one of the world's best business environments. Last but not least, we want to arouse the appetite for learning when digging into the book.

The title of the book is IFL Learning Manifesto - the essence of executive education. In the middle of the book, and surrounded by fifteen interviews, is the actual Manifesto. We settled rather quickly on the word "manifesto" because it is associated with a coherent system of ideas and values. For IFL Executive Education it is about contributing to a sound business climate and public sector through knowledge creation, learning and development. Our ambition has been to capture the essence of IFL's view on what executive education should be.

Knowledge is created and developed in relationships. It was natural to invite several people to contribute with their reflections and perspectives on the subjects. That is why the book is accompanied by the interviews with a selection of people who contribute to IFL's knowledge creation processes in various ways. These include a couple of our customers and lecturers, researchers, inspirational speakers, program leaders and IFL's CEO Peter Hägglund. They have all considered the issue of knowledge and why it has come to be so important in the public and private sectors; the nature of knowledge and learning; what managers, leaders and specialists need to know; how learning happens and how a program is run. They also considered key players; the impact of a program; what inspires them and drives them as players in the learning process and the future of learning and pedagogic methods. Jenny Hagman and Ulrika Tillberg, authors of IFL Learning ManifestoWe want the IFL Learning Manifesto to be used in several different ways. It can be used as a book to flip through, as a reading book, a book for inspiration and a book for reflection. We also intend to use the book as a source of good dialogues with customers and other stake holders on how to create real impact in business through state-of-the-art learning processes. You can not order the book online.

/ Jenny Hagman and Ulrika Tillberg, authors of IFL Learning Manifesto

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